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Student Tracking System

Flawless Student Tracking & Report Generation 

Keep track & maintain records of students anywhere, anytime with the Student Tracking System
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Detailed Student Information
Get all student information in one place
Track student performance and take relevant actions
Update & maintain information effortlessly
Step-By-Step Transport Management
Get real-time location of vehicles with GPS tracking
Help parents to track & get notified about bus locations
Alerts respective stakeholders in case of delays or emergencies
Easy Attendance Management
Analyze student performance on an individual level
Download reports of exams, tests, etc. from single place
Provide behavior badges to keep track of student discipline
Comprehensive Performance Evaluation
Filter & download attendance in custom timeframes
Inform parents of student absence immediately
Get notified of students that don’t have minimum attendance
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What is a Student Tracking System?
Is there a need for an Online Student Tracking System?
What are the components of a Student Tracking System?
Why should a school invest in a Student Tracking System?
What details of the students will be available on the student tracking system?
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