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Institute Enterprise Resource Planning

Student performance analysis & report generation to staff attendance & fee management - everything you need to run a school in one place!

Best Institute Enterprise Resource Planning


Fee Management

Collect fees online & offline, set up complex fee structures, customize fees at the student level, and issue fines and discounts easily

Attendance Management

Digitize & automate student & staff attendance tracking with advanced hardware & software solutions

Admission Management

Manage offline & online student inquiries and track all leads and their journey on one platform - the creation of an admission portal is possible without any coding requirement

Transport Management

Track school bus details and location with GPS, manage the staff that runs them, and plan out routes! Parents can even track their ward's bus location and get timely notifications

Human Resource Management

Manage staff leaves and track their attendance

Inventory Management

Categorize items as per inconvenience and utility, purchase items as they run out, and track all the items present at the school

Communication Module

Conduct relevant polls and surveys & send out announcements

ID Card Generator

Generate & make changes to ID cards as required for students and staff as per requirement

Certificate Generator

Generate, design, and customize the design of certificates & documents for both students and staff

Exam Management

Download/print report cards with minimum human involvement, and schedule & plan exams for the entire year

Website Builder

Create, update, customize and manage the school website according to the school’s requirements without any knowledge of coding

School Yearly Calendar Planner

Plan the academic year in advance including holidays, school events & activities, exams, and even weekly offs


Complete Control Over the Institute

School principals, administrators, and other stakeholders can efficiently manage the classroom and in-campus activities with an Institute ERP. They can track the progress of each and every classroom, which includes the teacher’s competence to complete portions on time as well as the students’ academic progress. It helps administrators manage all the relevant information under a single platform, making the process of management extremely uncomplicated & seamless.

Better Connectivity Across Stakeholders

One of the most common problems in educational institutions is the disconnect among different departments regarding workflow. Teachmint helps organize the workflow of each respective department and improves productivity across the board. The reason that this works out is that it brings teachers, students, and administrators to the same portal. Moreover, Teachmint’s Institute ERP helps schools understand the concerns of their students.

Smart Resource Allocation for Facilities Provided

With the digitization of education comes the digitization of everything else related to it as well. This includes the resources that a school has in terms of services as well as inventory. Keeping track of all the facilities that a school has like library, hostel, transport, and inventory is difficult and requires a lot of paperwork. All of this can be prevented by using a digital platform that does the work for them. Teachmint’s Institute ERP uses the latest technology to provide unhindered education to every learner.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

ERP software gives schools the option to generate detailed reports of fees, student attendance, and more from a single dashboard. They can then view and download those reports for the entire school or just a single student depending on the requirement. This gives the concerned authority the right information to make crucial decisions.

With Teachmint, schools, colleges, and other institutes can ease the work of school management by relying on software to streamline their functions and operations. They can increase their efficiency by implementing ERP software.Because of the easy access across platforms, ERP systems are increasingly being used in all institutions. In a nutshell, institute ERP is crucial to digitize schools and making learning fun and interactive for students and teachers.


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How customizable is Teachmint’s school ERP system?
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