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Learning Management System

Transform your teaching & learning infrastructure

Make education interactive & engaging with Teachmint’s innovative LMS Features
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Modern Classrooms for the Modern Age
Tackle classroom engagement with Live Polls & Hand Raise features.
Revisit classes using the Live Class Recording feature.
Manage classroom schedule and timetable effortlessly
Effortless Student Engagement
Create, conduct & evaluate tests with ease
Assign and keep track of student progress with homework
Relay relevant information through study materials
Seamless Communication
Ensure smooth classroom management with private & classroom chat
Real-time notifications & updates
Share important updates through the noticeboard
Actionable Analytics & Dashboard
Keep track of students in real time with automated attendance
Intricate LMS tools to analyze and assess performance
Personalized strength and weakness reports to understand students
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What is a learning management system?
What are some of the most prominent LMS tools?
How can learning management systems benefit schools?
What are the benefits of using a learning management system?
How can LMS tools help administrators?
How does the learning management system in education help teachers?
Digitize your Institute and become Future-Ready
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