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Transport Management System

Make managing the school transport system efficient and effective with Teachmint’s Transport Management System!

Best Transport Management System


Detailed Vehicle Information

The driver’s name, bus conductor’s name, staff in charge, all of their contact details, bus route, bus number, and even live location can be tracked using the IMEI number of the GPS in the vehicle using the Transport Management System.

Step-by-Step Process for Transport Management

Simple systematic format to add school address, stop location, vehicle details and staff details to make the process streamlined and understandable for all school administrators.

Automatic Route Creation

Uses all the information fed into it to create the perfect route for the school buses based on the number of students automatically.


Prompts Accountability by the Staff

Teachmint’s Transport Management System prompts the staff to be accountable for the students on board since the respective stakeholders can be individually held responsible in case of any problems

Improves Security for Students

The Transport Management System offers the live location of the buses during transit with GPS tracking, holds the respective staff accountable for any issues, and has an SOS button for emergencies. Hence, the safety of students becomes top priority during transport.

Enables Easy Fee Collection

Teachmint offers the school the option to set and collect fees on the basis of either the distance of the student’s location from the school or the distance of the stop to the school.

Assign Pickup & Drop Times to Individual Stops

After the routes have been created, it is quite easy to assign pickup and drop timings to individual stops so that the respective stakeholders know when to expect their respective bus.

Transportation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to a school. Most responsible schools take their students’ safety very seriously and will take all measures possible to follow through with it. Teachmint’s Transport Management System enables the admins to make sure that every stakeholder is aware of the whereabouts of the students while they are in transit. Since it is part of the Integrated School Platform, it is an extra layer of security for the student and the guardian and keeps all stakeholders in the loop at all times.


What details can be derived regarding the vehicle?
How does the Transport Management System enable vehicle tracking?
Can all users make use of the vehicle tracking system?
How is the transport fee calculated?
What staff details can the admin know about each operational school bus?
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